Voter Registration Assistance

 This year the annual National Voter Registration Day—a day on which local Leagues all over the country join with the national LWVUS to encourage fellow citizens to exercise their right to vote by getting registered—is Tuesday, September 23.   Mark your calendars!

Just before that, the Johnson County LWV will have a table at the University of Iowa’s Volunteer Fair Day on August 27 to let students know about the League and invite them to be sure they are registered themselves and to participate in National Voter Registration Day.   Anyone interested in volunteering on any of these occasions should contact Syndy Conger (syndy@mchsi.com).



Syndy Conger registering voters at the 2014 Johnson County Fair

Syndy Conger registering voters at the 2014 Johnson County Fair


The August 2015 Voter is Out!

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