Julie Wittig, LWVJC Voter Registration Coordinator registering voters on the Ped Mall, downtown Iowa City

Julie Wittig, LWVJC Voter Registration Coordinator registering voters on the Ped Mall, downtown Iowa City.  To help with Voter Registration, contact Julie at j903greenfields@gmail.com.


Summary of LWVJC Activities for 2015-2016
2016 – LWVJC Annual Community Effort – Annual Mtg Summary (1)



VOTE411.org Comes to Iowa 

Training session for candidates who will participate in VOTE411.org



VOTE411.org goes live for Johnson County in September



The League of Women Voters of Johnson County is working to align with state and national League organizations with the launch of a new website aimed at increasing voter participation by helping voters learn about candidates and voting.

The new site, VOTE411.org, went live for Johnson County, in September and will be available throughout the United States in ample time for the National Presidential Election, Tuesday, Nov. 8. The site provides voters personalized information about local, state and national candidates. 

Local League members invited Johnson County local and state candidates to attend a VOTE411 Q&A- training session on Monday, Aug. 15th. Five candidates attended; Amy Nielsen, Royce Phillips, Rod Sullivan, Lisa Green-Douglass & Kurt Friese. Candidates learned how to add a profile and respond to questions about their candidacy and campaign. Invitations were released to all 15 candidates August 15th inviting them to participate in VOTE411.org.

In addition, visitors can check their voter registration status, including verifying address, find polling locations and hours, and whether or not they will need to show an identification to vote. New voters can also register to vote by providing and verifying citizenship status.

To learn more about the upcoming elections voters are encouraged to visit VOTE411.org. Individuals who do not have access to a computer are urged to visit the Iowa City Public Library to use the new website.

LWVJC VOTE411 committee members include Cathy Eisenhofer, chair, Polly Horton, Patty McCarthy, Nancy Porter, Dhuha Tawil and Paula Vaughn.




If you missed the LWVJC exhibit in the Iowa City Public Library this September, here is what it looked like. The display contained library books and documentaries related to voting, the history of the League of Women Voters, and US elections. There was also information about joining LWVJC, the importance of voting, and our new VOTE411.org website which highlights local candidates and issues. Details about our League’s participation in the national Voter Registration Day on September 27 was also shared. ICPL staff reported that many of the displayed books and documentaries were checked out by library patrons


On September 16th, LWVJC members travelled to West Branch to register new voters following a naturalization ceremony for 69 new Americans. All were offered voter registration material, and thirty of those took advantage of the opportunity to register on the spot. Among those present as pictured on the left were, Nancy Ridenour (LWVJC), Cintia Hansen (a new citizen originally from Brazil), and Lee Wood (LWVJC).

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